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It’s time to give your business the exposure it deserves! You could be making an excellent decision if you’re thinking of hiring an SEO Agency. However, it’s vital to take your time when it comes to finding the best SEO to handle your Internet Marketing Campaign, but Just Imagine what your Business will look like 6 – 12 month from now.  Exciting, I know. These tips should help you get the ball rolling in the right direction. So let’s begin.


Check their past clients 

 To determine whether an SEO has the necessary skills, inquire about the results they’ve achieved for others. They may not be able to show you the details of another client’s campaign, but they will be able to give you some indication of the improvements achieved. Check for recommendations from past clients.

Our Results Show and Prove

Here we demonstrate how to rank for a specific set of chosen keywords, which maximizes your company’s Impressions. You can come to expect precisely the same outcome for your company or practice! Ask yourself, if customers aren’t finding you, who are they finding? There’s no reason your Business shouldn’t be EXACTLY where your clients or customers are searching!



Ask about the techniques they employ 

Let’s be crystal clear, there are absolutely NO cookie-cutter strategies for any business attempting to optimize their site and maximize their online presence with SEO. Think about it, when a doctor of a specific specialty performs an operation, are all of their surgeries the same? Don’t be fooled. All patients are different and require their own unique treatment and strategy. Also, ensure you’re only using ‘white hat’ techniques that pose minimal threat to your long term search rankings. There’s no denying that ‘black hat’ techniques can be successful in the short term, but they aren’t the kind of strategy a competent SEO should be using. The risk often outweighs the short term reward. Keeping this in mind, it’s wise to ensure your SEO agency will use a combined process of ‘on page’ optimization and ‘off page’ marketing and outreach. This will give you the best chances of success without creating any problems you’ll need to manage at a later date. Also, be certain that they’re committed to following Google’s webmaster guidelines. This is how your website will be judged in the long-run.


Inquire about any ‘guarantees’ they can offer you 

It’s wise to run a mile whenever an SEO ‘guarantees’ you a #1 ranking. Because this result is not within their control, the only agency who would make such a promise will be an unscrupulous one.

However, some Internet Marketing Agencies will be able to ‘guarantee’ the time and effort they put into your campaign. Search Engine Optimization can be a long-term process so it’s also important to ensure you’re getting a decent ROI. Observing the metrics associated with the tasks they’re performing is a great way to check this. If your SEO Agency allows you to track the improvements they’re making, it’s well worth taking them up on the offer.


Ask about their communication style 

You don’t want to be hounding your SEO every single day while their in the online trenches battling for you. However, it’s important to ensure you both have realistic expectations in regards to communication. Transparency is key and maintaining healthy relationships with our clients is vital. Rest assured, you will get to know your SEO very well! We provide 2 on-demand 30 minute meetings per month, if needed. Note: If we were to spend hours upon hours in meetings per month with every single one of our many clients, we would not have the time to provide you all with the same Quality of High Level service! We know you can relate. Weekly reports are sent with updates to notify clients of any changes in the industry as it pertains to their business. We consistently supply them with recommendations to assist in securing their business online. How’s that for peace of mind?


Ask about payment structure 

Knowing how much you’ll be charged is vital, especially before you sign on the dotted line. Varnado Web Solutions will continuously earn your business every single month and you will feel at ease knowing that your Online Reputation is in the best hands. This is why we really don’t like to lock you into contracts. Too much pressure, right? Instead, we provide you with a worry-free invoice month to month that matches your campaign length and structure. Seriously, why should you be locked in if a company doesn’t deliver? Let’s let the results do all the talking!



Overall, hiring a skilled Search Engine Marketer can do wonders for your online presence, as well as for the bottom line of your business. However, it’s wise to do your research and pick someone who has the skills and experience to do the job.

If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be sure that you have found the right SEO agency that can best suit your needs. If your business’ website is not on the 1st page of Google, you’re giving money away to every competitor that ranks ahead of you. How long can you afford to keep that up?

Now, you’re not still wondering why you would need an SEO Expert, are you? Let’s think about it, this:  The internet in conjunction with smartphones have completely replaced thumbing through paper phone books. Customers now rely on local searches to find services in their area.

Actually, 4 out of 5 customers use search engines to find merchandise, services or events near them. They are searching from anywhere and everywhere! Computer and tablet searches are over 84%  and even more so on smartphones at a staggering 88%! (Source) This means that if your website is not mobile friendly, YOUR COMPETITORS are being found by YOUR CUSTOMERS! Our team will have you up to speed in no time.  You no longer have to lose revenue to your competition!

A Professional SEO from our team is happy provide you with a free consultation and website analysis. We’d like to show you the changes and optimizations that we would make to completely transform your business. Stop leaving money on the table. Contact us today at 1-561-781-0009 or click below to begin!

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